My story

My name is Leneé Curtis (like Reneé but with an L). I am a self taught photographer.  I love working with families, couples, and kiddos. I began my photography journey in high school when I was the co-editor of our year book. I began taking photos for our yearbook spreads and that started it all. After college, I was able to pick up a "real" camera and I began practicing and learning. The more learned, the more I fell in love with photography. I have always been creative and this was another outlet for me! My degree is in Early Childhood Education, so after four years of teaching, I decided to leave my lovely little first graders and step into a bigger role...being a mom! I used this transition to focus, not only on being a mom, but being a photographer. I love being able to be home with my babies, and I also love being able to "work" while having fun and being creative! 


I have an amazing husband that has supported me every step of this journey. We have been together since high school and I couldn't imagine my life without his support! We now have two sweet girls that we are so blessed by each day!